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    The majority of my posts are laced with opinion and conjecture.
    But these comments our fabulous indexer has repeated are not some of those.
    Paul specifically recommended the Qorlq line several years ago and as things have developed it still is a good recommendation.

    edit - I do not normally quote email messages, but to clarify I want to post the second line from that old message.

    "Hi Jim,

    In terms of PPC we are thinking QorIQ here for higher end designs.


    So, the P4040 with its e500mc cores is what was originally referenced.
    Yes, it is not as powerful as a PA6T.
    But look how the Qorlq line has expanded.

    And right now NXP continues to license technology that would work well with future PPC Qorlq cpus (but will probably be used on their ARM cpus).

    Postscript - I was surprised to find that I still had those.

    So...it is my assumption that Trevor had a specific cpu (PA6T) in mind and went looking for a design firm with experience with that cpu.
    I don't think it was Paul's recommendation.

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