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    >> in 2010 when Paul Gentle recommended QorIQ over PA6T

    > I think you meant to write Paul Gentle recommended PA6T over QorIQ,
    > not the other way around, in 2010.

    Doesn't "recommend A over B" mean "recommend A instead of B", similar to how "prefer" would be used ("prefer A over B" or "prefer A to B")?

    Jim in April 2010:
    "Just yesterday I contact a UK company that builds PPC boards (mainly because the head of the company had designed an XMOS based PCIe sound card). He basically discouraged me from looking into the PA Semi based board he had designed because he was having trouble obtaining the processors."

    Jim in July 2010:
    "Recently when I discussed PPC based systems with the owner of Varisys (the designers of the X1000 motherboard) I got this response: "In terms of PPC we are thinking QorIQ here for higher end designs.""

    amigadave in March 2013:
    "I wonder why the people responsible for making the design decisions for the final X1000 motherboard design ignored Paul's advice to stay away from the PA6T and look at using one of the QorIQ chips instead?"
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