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    >> I've never seen any PPC476FP-based SoC for sale on the respective manufacturer's
    >> website or at semiconductor distributors

    > Yes IBM products are unobtainable useless you are a "qualified" buyer.

    I was more referring to LSI than IBM.

    >> In 2012/2013, there simply was no other sensible CPU choice to make for a new,
    >> high-performance (in PPC terms, that is) desktop PPC board than QorIQ P5.

    > There were no Freescale cpus at the time that could match the PA6T
    > (P5s were not available at the time).

    Not in 2010 when Paul Gentle recommended QorIQ over PA6T, yes, but they were in 2012/2013 when the Cyrus specs were conceived. I won't back away from my opinion that even without Paul's recommendation, A-Eon would have decided for the P5 in 2012/2013, simply because there was no feasible alternative for high-performance (in PPC terms, that is) desktop PPC.
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