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    >>> it [...] is confirming suspicions that Nema is just a revision of
    >>> another P6T design

    >> Varisys' pre-Nemo PA6T design is a known product and Nemo surely can't
    >> be regarded as a revision of this

    > Nemo is the realization of specs created by Ack Systems and Amiga Inc.

    As you know, a mere feature list is tremendously far from a working board design. Furthermore, a direct comparison between real Nemo features and ACK's published feature list shows these differences:

    - CPU GHz: 1.8 vs. 2.0
    - PEG: 2 (1x16 or 2x8) vs. 1 (x16)
    - PCIe: 2x1 vs. 1x2+1x1
    - PCI: 2 vs. 1
    - GbE: 1 vs. 2
    - USB2: 10 vs. 6
    - PATA: 1 vs. none
    - CF: 1 vs. none
    - I/O: SB600 southbridge vs. dedicated chips for SATA2 and USB2
    - custom CPU+I/O: Xena+Xorro vs. none
    - serial/debug: 2xRS232+1xJTAG vs. 2xUART
    - Firmware: CFE vs. U-Boot

    The only feature that is exactly the same is the RAM slots.
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