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    >> So I guess it went something like this:
    >> [...]
    >> 04/2012: A-Eon Ltd. founded in UK by Leaman, T. Dickinson and C. Dickinson as partners
    >> with Leaman acting as sole director
    >> [...]
    >> Any objections, remarks, additions?

    > "Trevor Dickinson, co-founder and managing director of A-EON Technology"
    > http://amiga30.com/kickstarter-launched/
    > http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/890300835/amiga-30th-anniversary-in-california
    > "Trevor is co-founder and the Managing director A-Eon."
    > http://www.kickstarter.com/profiles/890300835/bio
    > So he is an (the?) A-Eon Technology Ltd. director after all?

    "Matthew Leaman is the Managing Director of A-EON Technology Ltd and looks after all the day-to-day business."

    So I guess here we have it from the horse's mouth that the claim that Trevor Dickinson is a (or even the) managing director of the company is false.
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