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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > AmigaOS 4 Final

    >4.1 :-)

    Yeah, all those great small mistakes, but after XYZ update packs, its good to get one slim installation from zero, and that is the key reason why I will get it (even X1000 license has a prepaid license for OS 4.2 included).

    > It seems faster onboard ethernet is included BUT NOT WORKING [...] but Epsilon wasn`t
    > brave enough to test it: "[...] I selected the built in adapter and click on Test this
    > Configuration: Unfortunately it didn't work [...]"

    To me it sounds like he tested it.

    What I ment he wasn`t brave enough to go beyond test button, select it and try it in real use. Even I suppose if test doesn`t work, it shouldn`t in real either, but I wonder why they would put the non working driver. I suppose we have to wait for some next small update via Amiudapte that would make it work - so putting some file was required for update of it later.

    Even such things as fast onboard Ethernet driver and memory card driver aren`t huge leaps, they are essential to daily use. It was a bit sad to boot to Linux to use 10x faster ethernet that was already there. Memory card is essential as one can boot Linux kernel and even Amigaboot loader from it.
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