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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    > drivers for [...] onboard Ethernet are still not completed.

    Seems supported now, not sure since when:


    ...or not:


    I don`t own AmigaOS 4 Final, but from Epsilons review I see;

    a) JXFS wizard file system is dead: A warning comes up to remind me that JXFS is no longer supported in AmigaOS4.1 Final Edition, and has a read-only legacy mode only.
    b) There seems to be a memory card driver (finally, since now I can update Linux kernel from AmigaOS)
    c) It seems faster onboard ethernet is included BUT NOT WORKING (in despite what SSolie sad above) but Epsilon wasn`t brave enough to test it: "You are then asked to choose your network card. I got a bit excited when I saw that the built in X1000 network adapter is included as an option (we have to use a PCI network card under AmigaOS4.1.6). I selected the built in adapter and click on Test this Configuration: Unfortunately it didn't work - I also subsequently found out the built-in network driver has dropout issues and shouldn't be used by X1000 owners at this time."

    I wait for time to free PCI slot and trash the slow card, similar as I did to sound card, once onboard audio was supported (or replacing it by Sound Blaster Live emu card)

    But, it seems old net card now causes conflicts with newer Linux kernel - cleaned by now, but its good to see MATE on PPC Linux, too.
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