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    >Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    >> off the self x64 is out of the question, so until custom x86 becomes cheaper
    >> than custom PPC, let's stay with the PPC

    >Why must it be custom x86(-64) instead of off-the-shelf x86(-64)?

    To build support for the HW.
    Normal off the self x86 motherboards have production lifecycle of three months or so. (it takes months to reverse engineer the support for a HW componet when we can not get much documentation)

    Industrial x86 boards have longer availability with higher price etc...

    >And if we're talking about custom boards, then why shouldn't x86(-64) be cheaper than PPC

    Only recently there has been x86 SoC chips with PCIex4 etc, so the board design would most likely require more components.
    And from what I have found, usable x86 is not any cheaper than a usable PPC.

    (but I'm not an expert, just learning etc...)

    >considering that x86(-64) chips usually have better price-performance ratio and all other costs are similar?

    Performance wise, yes, in that way price-performance ratio is better for x86.
    (I believe a common 1.33Ghz x64 SoC has twice the performance of similarly clocked e5500 PPC, +SIMD +GPGPU)

    For me, it is more like what we need than trying to compete with mainstream with CPU power.
    Knowing how much better MOS runs on 1Ghz G4 vs Linux on younger 1.8Ghz AMD Sempron machine, some 1.4Ghz PPC would be ideal for LOW END NG miggy.
    ((T10xx consuming some 5W, I imagine it could be usable also in some (semi)mobile device))

    (I personally prefer big endian + PowerPC as long as most of our SW is native on that etc...)

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