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    >> http://www.freescale.com/files/32bit/doc/brochure/PWRARCHQIQSG.pdf (page 7)

    > Am I reading the pdf correctly that the Eval board has 4 PCIe slots that
    > are 2.0/3.0 Generation compatible?

    No. While the T2080 chip has 4 PCIe controllers, the T2080RDB board offers only one PCIe x4 slot (not sure whether PCIe version 2 or 3). You can see this "PEX x 4 Slot" in the block diagram there:


    ...called "PCIE x4 Slot" on the photograph there (page 4):


    One PCIe slot could run short when we consider the need for graphics and audio. So what I think may be better suited than the T2080RDB is the T4240RDB:


    It has the following main advantages relevant for general-purpose computing:

    - PCIe slots: x8 + x4 (vs. x4)
    - CPU: 1.67 GHz (vs. 1.53 GHz)
    - RAM: 6 GiB in 3 DIMM slots (vs. 4 GiB in 1 SODIMM slot)
    - price: 1445 USD (vs. 1499 USD)
    - allegedly available in production volumes from Nexcom

    However, it also has one main disadvantage relevant for general-purpose computing:

    - SATA ports: 1 (vs. 2)

    Using a SATA card in the PCIe x4 slot of the T4240RDB would more than make up for its SATA port shortage compared to the T2080RDB (but then no slot left for an audio card).

    > If the MorphOS Dev. Team would port to this Eval board, couldn't this board
    > be used as the basis for a brand new MorphOS compatible computer system
    > at a price of not much more than $2,000 US Dollars, or less if you use existing
    > case and PSU and other peripherals that you already own?

    I think yes, it could. Both boards come with case and PSU already. The board form factors would complicate using a standard case anyway.

    > 1.8GHz

    1.67 and 1.53 GHz respectively.

    > 8 cores

    4 and 12 cores respectively. They are dual-threaded, though, so amount to 8 and 24 hardware threads respectively.

    > 4 PCIe slots

    2 and 1 PCIe slot(s) respectively.

    > USB2.0/3.0

    2.0 only.
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