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    I would rather see a 32 bit Amiga compatible PPC Mac plus a NG MorphOS 64 bit non-PPC machine worked on simultaneously. With the G5 you could even have both on the same machine as a stop gap measure.

    But hey, I'm no programmer and I'm not a developer. I trust the MorphOS Team that for whatever reason they don't port it to PPC machine X or x64/ARM machine Y today, it's because they have a good reason not to. And my bet it that it's mostly a question of TIME. If they could live by coding for MorphOS, then I bet more cool things would happen. But since they can't, we can't be too demanding.

    Maybe we could start a foundation, like they have for the Haiku camp? Then we could maybe pay salary for a developer to work full or half time for a while. Or use the money to reward people who make big contribution for MorphOS in general? I know I can spare 25 euros every month for such a thing. Just my 2 cents.

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