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    Jim wrote:
    That is kind of neat.
    OK, so its an expensive, impractical vanity project for a small community.
    Who says hobbyist computing has to be practical?
    It is very much an Amiga spectrum device.

    Personally, I hope we keep developing the Abox based/PPC version of MorphOS moving forward (regardless of the ISA/64 bit move) and that the developers consider this platform (the X5000).
    It should way out perform the SAM460.

    I agree. I can't remember if I have already said this:

    But I would love continued support of PowerPC device, even while supporting a second architecture. Support all available PowerPC, while selecting 2 - 4 x86 64 items: a desktop computer and laptop computer, each with a "low end" (affordable one) and a "media center" one.

    I do not believe there needs to be supporting more than four X86 64 items. It might increase User Base significantly, but it might not. According to Wikipedia, there are other Amiga "inspired" OSes, almost all on X86, yet none are more popular than MorphOS. (Or perhaps it is because these OSes are inferior compared to MorphOS.) However, if X86 64 support increases User Base by thousands of thousands, then perhaps they should support dozens or hundreds of X86 64.

    I do have one respectful disagreement. I do not think ABox should be supported. It should be moved to an emulator. Another idea: perhaps if MorphOS attempts SMP, then one core can be ABox and another core can be QBox. ?

    It would be nice for MorphOS to support the X5000, but also it would be nice if MorphOS to support the SAM 460. :-)
    :-) I Support Quark Microkernel. :-D
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