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    takemehomegrandma wrote:
    ...also interesting to see that the "Cyrus" will *only* run the new SMP enabled kernel, and *not* the Amiga compatible one! :-o

    Where have you read that the "new SMP enabled kernel" will not be "Amiga compatible"?

    Other than several assumptions from people outside Hyperion about any kind of multi-processor, or multi-core support breaking Amiga compatibility, I have not seen any definitive statements from Hyperion that their proposed "SMP support" will break Amiga compatibility.

    I trust many of the people who have been saying that "True SMP" (what ever that really means), cannot be accomplished without breaking Amiga backward compatibility, we don't yet know what kind of SMP support Hyperion is going to implement, and therefore don't know if it will break Amiga backward compatibility (unless I missed some statement from them).

    The impression I have gotten from the statements I have read from Hyperion lead me to believe the way they are going to implement some kind of multi-processor/core support will NOT break backward Amiga compatibility, but as I wrote above, I have not seen anything from Hyperion that clearly states one way or the other about backward Amiga compatibility.

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