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    Wow, glad I waited awhile before wading back into this one.
    I, for one, am still interested in current developments in PPC hardware and enjoy hearing about they endeavors of those promoting them.
    While I can understand takemehomegrandma's opinions on the impracticality of expecting people to pay $3000 for a new system, I can not join in his apparent desire to deride A-eon's new products.
    I am very comfortable with the direction that Paul Gentle and Varisys have taken A-eon's product line.
    Paul (and Andreas I might add) have been pointing to the Qorlq line for some time as the best choice for new development.
    Is this stuff expensive?
    Your damned right it is, and with the low sales volumes and relatively high processor prices I can't see this changing.
    BUT, at least someone is building new hardware.
    YEAH, its not X86 or ARM based.
    OUR operating system of choice does NOT run on those architectures.
    And if it ever will, or when it might, is completely in the hands of the developers - WHOSE JUDGEMENT I TRUST IMPLICITLY.

    Haven't we had a pretty good run these last several years?
    Do you see any mistakes in their judgement, because I do not.
    I have said this before, and until the adoption of an new ISA is announced I will keep repeating it,
    if you want to use X86 or ARM hardware, switch to AROS - and stop trying to bully the MorphOS developers to follow whatever course of action you deem correct.
    Do you honestly think these guys have remained in this community without the skills and abilities that allow them to render good judgments?

    Honestly, I have been in personal computing since its inception (from the early days when if you wanted it you built it), and frankly these guys are some of the most talented developers that I have ever been fortunate enough to know (and have had the blessing of using their creative outputs).

    Isn't it about "shut the fuck up" time?
    No, we have not explored that last useful PPC hardware.
    There is still Acube's product line, the other G5 Macs (especially the PCIe models), and even A-eon's new designs - which curiously enough feature processors that Andreas has been quietly point us toward for years.

    And if the developers should decide that they have tired from spending years working hard with virtually no reward at developing this OS, and that they can no longer handle the entirely too Amiga-like piss poor attitude of the user base, that they no longer care to throw their pearls before swine...

    I will have what we've been given. And in years to come I think I'll look back on this with a strong sense of admiration for the people who pushed this so far.

    Personally, I'd like to render my apologies for ever asking for more and my sincere thanks for what has been rendered.

    Damned good job guys.
    I wish I had something even marginally close to this in my resume.
    If you are not recognized in this life, I suspect you have accomplished enough to have earned your reward in the next.

    Jim Igou
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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