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    I am not debating anything, only expressing my own opinions and hopes for the future. And in my opinion, both AROS and MorphOS would progress faster if they combined forces and decided to work toward a common goal, no matter what they decided to call it, or who was put in charge of managing it. Obviously, more organization than is currently present with AROS, would be a good thing.

    All your talk in "absolutes" is laughable. You have a very narrow point of view and cannot see your way out of your paper bag. I also don't see how any of your years of "calling Ben Hermans' bluffs" has made one bit of difference in how Hyperion behaves. I also believe that anyone who chooses to use AmigaOS4.x or any other operating system without first researching all aspects of its features, hardware it runs on, and history of the company behind it, well then they deserve exactly what they get and should not complain when the promises are not kept, or features never arrive.

    Why you think it is your job to try to protect all these ignorant users from making a mistake, or being fooled by Ben Hermans is very amusing. MorphOS is a good enough operating system to stand on its own merits when compared to AmigaOS4.x, or AROS, so there is no reason to mention failed promises, or lack of features of any other operating system, when you can just point out the positive aspects of MorphOS to potential new users and let them choose if it is the right choice for them. That is the approach I take at each AmiWest Show, and it has worked very well for the last 5 or 6 years.


    I will even go further and state that I know many users who have been turned off by your and other peoples negative campaign against Hyperion, Ben Hermans and AmigaOS4.x in general, to the point that they will never consider even looking at what MorphOS has to offer. You and others will counter that it is "Good", or perfectly acceptable to lose such people and we don't need them as members of the MorphOS community, but what if just one, or several of those people turned away are talented programmers, who might have contributed some useful software for our platform of choice?

    That is all I have to say on this topic, as it is useless to debate such things with someone who has such opposing ideas to my own. You will go on doing what you do, and I will continue as I have done in the past years, trying to make friends with other AmigaOS4.x users and programmers and show them what MorphOS3.x is capable of doing.

    As for Henes comment that everyone who does not denounce Ben Hermans, or Hyperion being a criminal, is then an accomplice to what ever he has done, you are joking, aren't you? I don't defend their choices or policies, I don't like many things they have done or said, and I don't agree how they manage their business, but that is their (or his) decision and choices which they (he) have to live with. In my own opinion, Ben Hermans is driving AmigaOS4.x straight into the ground and destroying what little is left of the future for AmigaOS4.x systems, and he will never let go the control he now owns, until his dying breath. But that is just my own opinion and counts for nothing toward what they will, or will not do in the future. He is the architect behind acquiring the rights to controlling AmigaOS4.x development, so there is nothing anyone else can do about what decisions are now made.

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