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    The carrot dangling has probably caused more damage than you understand, it still continues, and when they do it for obvious impossible features like SMP as a way to shift ridiculously priced products that's supposed to use this feature, then it turns pure ugly. It's not about being "positive", "forgiving" or "generous of sliding deadlines"; FUD, foul play and deceit has been a red line throughout OS4's entire existence and if you don't call out on the bluffs, or indeed the *blatant lies*, then there will be no incentive for them to stop, and they will continue with this behavior. And some people will never understand that they have been fooled, they'll just continue limping on trying to catch the carrot (that occasionally is replaced by another carrot). Ben Hermans isn't selling an existing product, he is selling a list of dreams and promises that is *always* "around the corner", but *never* arrives. And delivering SMP with retained Amiga compatibility would have been impossible even if they had paid the developers who made OS4 in the first place, and it won't exactly be easier without it.

    When it comes to this constant discussion about "cooperation" - MorphOS has on a few occasions used AROS code, and AFAIK also returned their improvements to AROS. Right now I don't think AROS has a lot to offer that MorphOS needs. And MorphOS developers seems to like to develop *their* OS, the AROS developers seems to like to develop *theirs*. Obviously, because that's what they are doing. Right? And they have the right to do so. This isn't an issue for "democratic polling", so debates around it is kind of redundant. AROS was started long before MorphOS, and the reason to why MorphOS was started despite AROS already existed was because someone (like the MorphOS developers) thought that AROS wasn't the answer, they wanted to do their own OS. AROS is an unmanaged, anarchistic body that grows spontaneously (sometimes in strange areas) and without a central plan, discipline or order. AROS is fun for those involved, no doubt. But MorphOS came a lot further in much shorter time. Let's just face it - there are fundamental differences between them both, not just technical, but also in the view of methodology. IMHO this is not a bad thing, rather the opposite. There is room for both, I think there is a need for both (somewhat different needs though), and had both been the same, then one had been redundant.


    I am enjoying the current focus on PPC platforms.

    It's not a matter of "enjoying the current focus on PPC platforms", it's a matter whether or not you want MorphOS to continue in the future as well, or if all the effort should be thrown away and be left floating away down the stream of history. PPC is clearly dead (or since we still can get machines as second hand, maybe the definition can be allowed to slide to "dying"). Acube and Aeon has clearly made a point that it's impossible to build modern (or at leasnt semi-modern (or at least not ancient)) machines at a reasonable price and create a sustainable market that can evolve (without it, there is no point). MorphOS soon supports every single PPC system worth supporting. The MorphOS team has certainly made the best of the situation, but is about to reach the outer boundaries of what PPC has to offer. This has been coming for several years already. Soon owners of old Mac PPC HW (totally unaware of the "massive" MorphOS market as they are) will start thinking it's not even worth the effort of putting up the old PPC gear for sale anymore, but simply put it in the trash. It's soon a *decade* since Apple declared they will abandon PPC and they haven't released new OS versions for it for some time now. And technology dies, of old age if for no other reason. Everything ends. PPC on desktop/laptop kind of ended in 2005. The path MorphOS is currently travelling on is only going in one direction. It's something inevitable, and not a matter of debate.

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    MorphOS is Amiga done right! :-)
    MorphOS NG will be AROS done right! :-)
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