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    All those points of view and opinions of yours, true or not, may be important to you, but they are not important to me.

    And unless you have been recently added to the MorphOS Dev. Team, I doubt you know what their plans are for the future.

    I enjoy using both AmigaOS4.x and MorphOS3.x, but currently believe that MorphOS3.2 is clearly more advanced and enjoyable to use. Other people prefer AmigaOS4.x, and i have no problem with their choice to use what ever they want, or to wait how ever long they want for future features and software.

    As for AROS and MorphOS joining forces, I don't care how it happens, or which name they choose to work under, but my hope remains that they do join forces some day and the best time for them to do so, would be when the MorphOS Dev. Team decides to begin work on the x86/x64 platform.
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