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    > Hyperionmp says:
    > "The way in which it will be implemented however is already clearly defined
    > and was subject to peer review by other developers. Obstacles to an
    > efficient implementation were removed (e.g. the use of Forbid) and replaced
    > in many OS components over the years (e.g. DOS). The foundation for
    > SMP support was put in place, a clear picture exists what needs to be done
    > to accomplish it and how. I'm willing to take a bet that it won't take 2 years ;)"
    > http://amigaworld.net/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=34171&forum=33&start=40#627520

    Only 6 weeks to go :-)

    Meanwhile, ssolie has to say the following on the topic:

    "I never liked calling the feature "SMP" and I prefer to call it simply multi-core support. My reason is that you always get some egghead piping up and tossing definitions around. In my opinion, users don't care if it is SMP or ASMP or WXYZ or whatever else as long as all the hardware they paid for is being utilized to run their software. The current status is that the multi-core feature is in development. Until it is finished we will be running in single core mode on whatever hardware is available. [...] We have been moving to support multiple cores for some time now. For example, Forbid/Permit are annoying with multi-core so there has been an effort to remove/reduce their usage throughout the OS. Another example is the new memory subsystem which has been designed for multi-core as well. We haven't made such drastic changes for the fun of it. "

    "Whether it is a textbook implementation of SMP or not is still not clear to me yet. But that's just my opinion. I know Hyperion still calls it SMP and that's also fine."

    "if we do tie 68K apps to a single core does that mean it is still SMP? [...] I could just call it "SMP" even though it may (but not necessarily) be delivered as a hybrid [...]. The goal is and still remains to be true SMP"

    Nice summary of ssolie's alleged dislike for the term "SMP":


    Edit: Added another quote.

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