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    > "I am looking this from the MorphOS developer point of view: if ACube wanted
    > MorphOS on their hardware they pay all porting costs + premium or they develop
    > all drivers themselves and pay less to the MorphOS team to get required support."
    > http://www.amiga.org/forums/showpost.php?p=697984

    This is funny knowing that at the time this statement was made, MorphOS for Sam460ex had already been in development for at least half a year according to geit. And some claim that ACube neither paid for the port nor develop the required drivers for MorphOS themselves:

    "originally the MorphOS port for ACube's hardware (Sam440s and 460s) didn't work out because at the time the MorphOS team was asking for money for the port and still to sell the OS at the full price. ACube position was that they should have either financed the port (and then the OS would have been bundled for free with the machines), or they would have provided some machines, and the port would have been sold just like every other version. As far as I know, it still is how it worked for the MorphOS port: the team now decided it made good sense to port the OS for the 460s for PR reasons"
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