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    > Acube has sold "industrial" models of its boards for some time now,
    > but only in quantity.

    Yes, that's the point. While regarding the "industrial" versions of both the Sam440ep-flex and the Sam460ex they state "prices may vary depending on volumes, please contact us", regarding the Sam460ex-lite "industrial" version they just say "EUR 499.50 for the industrial version". Don't you think this has to mean something? Maybe that you could get it in single quantity?

    > the reference you pointed to seems to mention the lastest "lite' bundle


    > which still includes AOS4.1

    The "industrial" version doesn't seem to include it, that's my point.

    On the other hand, the page says: "Note that these two Lite offers are limited until stock last, and sold only from ACube Systems directly". So I guess these Sam460ex-lite boards are really what others already suspected they are, and a hypothetical MorphOS port couldn't arrive before those boards were sold out anyway.

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