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    > Fab and CISC simply replied to posters who criticized the mere concept of the
    > MorphOS Team asking to be paid to support a particular hardware platform.
    > Any insinuations are simply misinterpretations, I am afraid.

    I don't think so. Both quotes "What you call a ridiculous price is probably comparable to what Genesi was asked for the efika port" and "We need an additional incentive to support the hardware [...]. Genesi obviously agreed and that's why the Efika is supported (it would never have been otherwise [...]), if ACube doesn't that really isn't our problem" speak a very clear language.

    > Of course, in case you are arguing that MorphOS would be ported to pretty
    > much any hardware as soon as someone is willing to pay X millions of
    > dollars / Euros for it, then you are entirely correct.

    Let's go back and see again what claim of mine you called incorrect:

    "It's no secret that the MorphOS Team would port MorphOS to the Sam440 if ACube paid for it"

    As you can see I didn't mention any specific sum nor any range, which, according to what you say now, renders my claim very much correct.

    > I have assumed that the discussion is about realistic, not fantasy scenarios

    It was not me but your colleague Fab who, regarding a port to ACube's hardware, hinted at a sum "probably comparable to what Genesi was asked for the efika port". As far as I can tell, the MorphOS port to Efika is for real, whereas a port to ACube's hardware is fantasy.

    > I listed several conditions that were met when the Efika port was considered
    > (but not when ACube inquired about SAM).

    Okay, so that's been a misunderstanding obviously. I had thought we were talking about alleged "negotiations" with ACube at that point of the discussion.

    > the price - performance ratio is a showstopper irregardless of whether
    > it includes the cost of an extra OS license or not.

    You are underthinking what I wrote ;-) I was not talking about the fact that a compulsively bundled OS4 makes the package more expensive for the buyer but about the fact that this would result in avoidable income for Hyperion ;-)
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