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    @ Andreas_Wolf


    I claimed that the MorphOS Team would port MorphOS to ACube hardware if ACube paid for the port, which is a statement that is supported by Fab's and CISC's past insinuations

    Fab and CISC simply replied to posters who criticized the mere concept of the MorphOS Team asking to be paid to support a particular hardware platform. Any insinuations are simply misinterpretations, I am afraid.

    Of course, in case you are arguing that MorphOS would be ported to pretty much any hardware as soon as someone is willing to pay X millions of dollars / Euros for it, then you are entirely correct. I have assumed that the discussion is about realistic, not fantasy scenarios, however.


    Either have these "helpful conditions" been for real

    I listed several conditions that were met when the Efika port was considered (but not when ACube inquired about SAM).


    I can imagine that one of those "helpful conditions" would have been that ACube must refrain from compulsively bundling their hardware with OS4, which would be a very reasonable condition

    You are overthinking the issue. Compared to other MorphOS hardware, the price - performance ratio is a showstopper irregardless of whether it includes the cost of an extra OS license or not.
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