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    Your tendency for attention to detail in the smallest degree on many topics is admirable, even when it is not particularly needed at that fine degree, but I don't see the importance or need for the MorphOS Dev. Team to reveal their reasoning for every decision they make, with regard to the direction their work on MorphOS goes.

    Your assumption(s) may be correct, or they might not, but the only important piece of information regarding MorphOS being ported to any platform, be it the X1000 from A-Eon, or the SAM440, or 460 models from ACube, is the result, Yes, or No. For me the current result makes the best sense, as I don't see any point in porting to over priced, under powered, small production run products, that are mostly purchased by people that have NO interest in ever running MorphOS, and even if they did download and try it out, they would not purchase it, for the same reasons that they prefer OS4 right now.

    Of course you have your reasons for wanting to know all the details (you seem to be a very detail type of person from your posting history here), and I don't care if you find the correct answers or not, so this is not a criticism about you wanting to know, more a curiosity of why you want to know.
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