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    > Is there any reason to try to "correct me" with the obvious?

    Is there a reason you regard any remark as an attempt to correct you?

    > THTF [...] make use of the 5121e CPU's and other components
    > they obtained for this venture

    You think these components are just remainders and they don't order (or have already ordered) more? Will THTF close the MPC5121e chapter as soon as the current remainders are depleted? Do you possibly have any inside contacts at THTF? To me you sound like BBRV who predicted that not one single MPC5121e based line of consumer devices will ever be successfully marketed anywhere. Due to the language barrier I don't have too much insight in the Asian market, but I can see that the Linkbook aka LimeBook doesn't do too bad in South Africa.

    > Possibly utilizing ARM CPU's still in design stage, who knows?

    Yes, Freescale's 4+ GHz quad-core Cortex-A9 based i.MX63 processor would be nice in 2011 ;-)

    > There certainly weren't any contradictions back when the agreement to port
    > MorphOS to the Efika was announced.

    Yes, obviously, as that announcement was uttered a whole 11 months before the letter of intent between THTF/MTC and Genesi was signed. The contradiction regarding THTF's stance on MorphOS appeared only in April 2009 in Neko's posting here on MorphZone. Nevertheless this contradiction to what had been accepted as fact until then courtesy of statements by BBRV prompts questions, don't you think?

    > Nobody could possibly know back then how the future would play out.

    I'm talking about contradictory statements, done in January 2009 and April 2009 respectively, about the *past*, not about the future.

    > They don't want to support the "X1000" because it's
    > related to people they consider Evil

    That's only one reason various members of the MorphOS Team have presented for not going to port to the X1000. Another one has been that a potential market of high three-digit to low four-digit numbers is just not encouraging enough any more, especially considering that most X1000 users wouldn't ever want to touch MorphOS anyway by principle. A third reason presented is the lack of development resources. Read it up there:


    If it was only for the one reason you present then why didn't they port MorphOS to the Sam440? Or do they consider ACube (or individuals thereof) evil? It's no secret that the MorphOS Team would port MorphOS to the Sam440 if ACube paid for it (which ACube said they declined).
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