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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > Early on they thought of a potential two-chip solution (or even three-chip) based
    > on the 5200B.

    Yes, besides the obvious one-chip solution (MPC5200B), which made it as the only one, it were a two-chip solution (MPC5200B + FPGA) and a three-chip solution (MPC5200B + FPGA + Volari GPU) they thought of.


    Is there any reason to try to "correct me" with the obvious? I know this!


    > the result became known as "LimePC", a cooperation which crashed
    > and burned later on.

    It seems the LimePC survived this crash and burn

    But not the cooperation, which is what I spoke about. And while THTF obviously is interested in recouping their investment and make use of the 5121e CPU's and other components they obtained for this venture, the original plan was to sell it to the world, not just to unsuspecting consumers locally in China and developing countries.


    > Pegatron [...] (Asus development company).

    Not any more. It was spun off in June.

    Is there any reason to try to "correct me" with the obvious? I know this!


    > Which is the 5121e

    Yes, obviously. But still the first samples of that chip were 8 months away back then.

    I'd say that the products that later came to be called "LimePC" were outlined long before samples of the chip were available.

    And this...

    "What we are getting started with is the Efika MX. We will migrate from consumer devices to vertical markets such as automotive/infotainment, medical/health care and/or energy-monitoring/smart-building. Banking and education markets also come to mind"

    ...probably means that there are numerous new products being outlined right now. Possibly utilizing ARM CPU's still in design stage, who knows? (Although the Freescale ARM portfolio is already quite complete and covers a great deal of possibilities.)


    > I never claimed that MorphOS was realized for LimePC

    And I never claimed you did. I just wanted to outline that BBRV and Neko contradicted each other regarding the role of MorphOS in LimePC.

    There certainly weren't any contradictions back when the agreement to port MorphOS to the Efika was announced. Nobody could possibly know back then how the future would play out.


    > Go back in the thread and read the posts talking about
    > business, volume, revenue, payment from Genesi, etc.

    I did and I still can't find any posting saying something to the effect of "that *revenue* is their biggest motivation for MorphOS development". Firstly there's a difference between "biggest motivation" and just "motivation", and secondly there's probably a difference in intrinsic motivation between porting MorphOS to a desktop-worthy and mass-produced hardware like PPC Macs and porting it to something like the 128 MiB RAM Efika 5200B or the 2000+ EUR X1000, where some kind of additional motivation (read: payment) may be needed to start the porting.

    Here is how I see it: They don't want to support the "X1000" because it's related to people they consider Evil (for very good reasons) as well as competitors. The talk about that it won't make sense business wise to support the X1000 (yes, there are several posts in this thread discussing this issue, you are blind if you miss them) is kind of moot, when *MorphOS itself* doesn't make sense business wise, and the biggest motivator for development and porting it to new computers is obviously *something else* than money (even if money of course plays a part).
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