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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > I don't "like it so much"

    Then you have a great gift for making it look like you did ;-)

    *I do* like the fact that someone else than Hyperion has a license to use the Amiga brand. It sure stirs the BAF pot, when the definition of "What is an Amiga" is no longer Hyperion exclusive. When someone suggests someone else to try out MorphOS, there is always a BAF entering the discussion saying "But it's not Amiga". Epic discussions with Samface comes back to mind, including comparisons of Cola beverages: "But if it looks like Cola, smells like Cola, tastes likes Cola, chances are that it's a Cola! And when 99% of the population can't even relate the various makes of Cola to their correct brand in a blind test, then why do you even care, just enjoy that freakin' Cola!". "No! Only if it has the proper branding, I am not interested in Fanta, 7up, root beer or Dr Pepper". The trade mark followers are still here, and it was great fun to see the confusion among them, when another entity suddenly got the right to use the Amiga brand (and in a better way as well - neither Hyperion, nor A-EON can call any of their products "Amiga"). And I think it's cool that a guy has managed to collect licenses to both the Amiga brand *and* Commodore brand under one roof, this has been a pronounced dream for many people ever since the Commodore bankruptcy. And I would consider a cheap Commodore Amiga running AROS. That would be cool. Even cooler would be if the Efika MX products would be rebranded (not that I think this would happen) and AROS port finished for it. :-) But I ensure you I don't "love" CommodoreUSA, I'm not worshiping them in any way. I'm no zealot about them in any way. It's all about popcorn to me.


    >> You think he made that up?

    > I think you shouldn't appoint him as a spokes person for the MorphOS team,
    > because he isn't.

    You seem to have missed that he just paraphrased what a certain "Ralph S" guy allegedly told him. Would this "Ralph S" guy qualify as "spokes person for the MorphOS team"? Again: You think it was made up?

    Again: you are using a quote from that guy in this thread as some kind of official statement from the MorphOS team regarding x86 ports of MorphOS, which is wrong, for a number of reasons. First there is a possibility that the guy actually has made it up, that he hasn't been in contact with RS. Then there is a possibility that RS answered that way because he doesn't want any connections with that company and/or the trade marks (which would make sense in a way) and it's a way of saying "thanks, but no thanks, go away". Then it could be a possibility that *there is* plans for a x86 port, but nothing they want the public to know about right now. And of course, it could be just as you say, that there is no plans whatsoever for a x86 port. I'd say: Let the MorphOS Team speak for themselves regarding future ports of their OS! :-)
    MorphOS is Amiga done right! :-)
    MorphOS NG will be AROS done right! :-)
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