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    jcmarcos wrote:Quote:

    Oepabakkes wrote:
    was Efika worth the effort from a business point of view?

    I thought the Team got paid directly by Genesi for that.

    Indeed, and back when that port was initiated, the Efika was mostly seen as a platform "to get things going" by Genesi, while waiting for the 5121e based "LimePC" devices. These devices were the goal, not the Efika itself, and MorphOS could have played a key part there (albeit in a different shape than the "desktop" MorphOS we like to use).


    It's not the same as the Mac Mini case, for which they worked, and expected revenue afterwards.

    Somehow I doubt that anyone gets enough money from the license fees to say that *revenue* is their biggest motivation for MorphOS development. But maybe I'm wrong...
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