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    > yes it was worth it because Genesi payed enough. Altough it is combination of
    > what Genesi payed and end-users payed for a keyfile for their Efika.

    I think that the MorphOS Team regarded the sum payed by Genesi as large enough to port MorphOS even in case license sales for Efika would go bad afterwards, seeing it's been clear from the start that an amount of 128 MiB RAM severely limits the Efika's use for desktop computing. But I don't know if these sales actually went significantly better or worse than what they had anticipated. It may even be that Genesi's payment was large enough that even with not selling one single Efika license the port would have been worth it ;-)

    > About pointing to Piru ... coincidence


    > I just have renewed interest with the powermac thing,
    > so for me this is the place to be.

    Nice to hear. But mind you that MorphOS on PowerMac is being discussed in other threads, not this one ;-)
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