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    I now have my answer: yes it was worth it because Genesi payed enough. Altough it is combination of what Genesi payed and end-users payed for a keyfile for their Efika.

    Well ok, AW.net being the worst in my eyes because (I really like it few years ago and it was informative at that time) ... but sureley not the only one. AMiga.org Moobunny and that other OS4 specific forum - lost the name - ... I don't visit these. never.

    About pointing to Piru ... coincidence, altough I have to admit it doesn't look like that. My bad.

    I am glad that this is a discussion ... these were rather rare at the time I more less stoped visiting Amiga-ish websites more or less a year ago altough on Morphzone it all stays reasonable. I just have renewed interest with the powermac thing, so for me this is the place to be.
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