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    > I know that it was paid by Genesi

    Then I don't understand your question.

    > it's understandable why there isn't a "no" or "yes" answer to the
    > question "was Efika worth it".

    The answer of jcmarcos and me *is* an implicit "yes". It seems the MorphOS port to Efika 5200B was "worth the effort from a business point of view" because Genesi paid for it. Now clear?

    > About the emotional comment ... I am not pointing to a person

    Strange then that your nagging comment happened right after I had reactivated this thread with a link to Piru's recent Amiga.org statement which also includes an emotional reason for not porting MorphOS to X1000. Coincidence?

    > or site in particular.

    Really? Let's see:

    "Amigaworld.net ... I usually stop reading after the first 5 posts, whatever follows behind those 5 posts is mostly whining, spamming, trolling and more bad things that make me loose interest. If I want brainless "soap" ... I go watch Neighbours, Days Of Our Lives or even worse: Bold And The Beautifull"

    > no need to feel attacked.

    I don't.

    > Why I should attack?

    I don't think you do. We're just having a discussion.
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