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    I know that it was paid by Genesi ... and it's understandable why there isn't a "no" or "yes" answer to the question "was Efika worth it".

    About the emotional comment ... I am not pointing to a person or site in particular. It's just general community behavior that I do not like because in my eyes a lot of users left the scene because of it and it's bad publicity for whoever wants to join the scene. So no need to feel attacked. Why I should attack? I bought a 2.0 license in the past and the PowerMac I bought yesterday is ready for another.

    To be on topic:

    And no I am not interested in MorphOS on X1000... why should I? A Mac is just fine and a *lot* cheaper. But that doesn't change the fact I am interested in this machine together with OS4. But that being just a side comment and I now realize I should choose my words more carefully or just shut up before things get out of hand.
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