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    vox wrote:
    If ARM transition or x86 is not done but that time, Cyrus basic model is not that much improvement as smaller size board, wait for full size 4 core board, but SMP (or A/Box here) would have to be done by that time - what a nice concept of sandboxing (mini VMs?)

    That is a fair statement.
    Cyrus will just utilize a processor that is still in production and supported.
    And I doubt A-eon would pay for an OS port anymore than Acube would.

    An X2000 port would be neat, but most of the functionality could be had far cheaper by supporting PCI-E G5s.

    However, since the ISA jump is more of a forking of the OS, continued development of the PPC version would be a blessing.

    With just the hardware we have now (or soon will have) we have enough power to take us through several more years of productive use.

    Maybe the focus needs to be on software.
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