Another ARM net-book... ARM touch-net-book
  • Yokemate of Keyboards
    Yokemate of Keyboards
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    > true little-endian is supported at least by MPC8xx/e200, e300, e500, PPC4xx
    > and PA6T/PWRficient.

    Apparently, POWER7/7+ and POWER8 can be added to this list.
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  • Paladin of the Pegasos
    Paladin of the Pegasos
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    I'll pass on that junk. I hate netbooks and their limited resolution. 1024x600? blah.
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    Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
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    Utilite is now available to order from CompuLab at
    Registration is no longer required.

    Lead time is still long and ordering quantity is limited to one unit. Once we catch up with demand Utilite will become available for immediate shipping through Amazon and resellers, but catching up will take some time so buyers looking to have Utilite by Christmas are advised to order direct soon.
    PPC assembly ain't so bad... ;)
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