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    > Another opinion: [...]

    Full article is online:

    Some notes on its contents:

    1. Strangely, Applied Micro's APM86xxx processor is omitted from this depiction of the most recent Power Architecture roadmap version (page 3), so that their "Next-gen" "32-bit Commercial Core" seems to lack an accompanying processor.

    2. Quote: "Titan, the company's first attempt to design its own CPU, ended up on the scrap heap when design partner Intrinsity was acquired by Apple [...]. Much of that work has been rolled into a new AppliedMicro design, however." (page 4)

    That really sounds like basically a shrinked Titan without Fast14.

    3. Quote: "Revision 2.04 [...] was only implemented by PA Semiconductor (which has since been acquired by Apple) and in AppliedMicro's Titan (which has since been canceled), so it never saw the light of day." (page 2)

    Huh? PA6T "never saw the light of day"? Don't think so.

    4. Quote: "e5500 [...] is expected to run at 2.2GHz when it debuts in the QorIQ P5 series in 4Q10" (page 3)

    According to Freescale's QorIQ P5020/5010 product page:

    "...initially offered at 2.0GHz..."

    5. Quote: "Freescale's high-end QorIQ P5 will clock at a "mere" 2.2GHz--about 50% slower than Intel's Core i7." (page 2)

    2.2 GHz being 50% slower means 100% equating 4.4 GHz. I doubt that by the time the QorIQ P5 is released the Core i7 will clock anywhere near that level. Current Core i7 is at 3.3 GHz maximum. 2.2 GHz is only 34% slower than 3.3 GHz.

    6. Quote: "Xilinx [...] has announced its intention to work with ARM but not any details of the upcoming chips themselves." (page 4)

    Seems they missed something:

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