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    >> According to Lauterbach, the APM83290 has a PPC450 core

    > In contrast to Lauterbach, a new edition of Wikipedia's PPC4xx article
    > claims that Titan was designed "using the PowerPC 440 core spec".
    > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PowerPC_400#Titan
    > Either way, there's still something else mysterious about it: According to Wikipedia,
    > PPC440 and PPC460 (and thus I conclude PPC450 as well) comply to Power ISA v2.03+,
    > whereas Titan complies to Power ISA v2.04+ (i.e. not to v2.03). Strange.

    Another opinion:

    "Except for Freescale, most Power licensees base their devices on CPU core designs from IBM. AppliedMicro is the exception. It developed a new CPU of its own (Titan), then halted that effort and started afresh on a new design that may arrive shortly."

    So maybe Titan wasn't based on any PPC4xx core at all? The more information I read, the more confusing it gets ;-)
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