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    > upcoming PowerPC A2 core and processors based on that core.

    Some more information about the A2 core and the PowerEN processor (Power Edge of Network, formerly known as "Wire-Speed Processor") based on that core:

    http://www.power.org/events/2010_ISSCC/ (don't miss the two PDF files)

    According to The Register the A2 core is a trimmed down POWER7 core:

    "On the networking and data center front, IBM will be talking some more about its Power Edge of Network, or PowerEN, which is a 16-core, Power-derived processor that IBM also talked about at the International Solid State Circuits Conference in February. This chip, known as the Wire-Speed Processor back then, has 16 cores, each with four threads, derived from the Power7 architecture but with lots of stuff ripped out that's not necessary for an inline processor that chews on data and passes it on as it sits on the network."
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