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    > upcoming PPC476

    See there :-)

    > and PPC A2

    IBM's long-standing "Next-gen" "64-bit Commercial Core" mystery seems to be demystified finally. Indeed the longish-rumoured PowerPC A2 just seems to be that very core. When IBM released their POWER7 processor 1.5 weeks ago they concurrently (well, half an hour later actually ;-) unveiled their upcoming PowerPC A2 core and processors based on that core.

    http://www.isscc.org/isscc/2010/ISSCC2010_AdvanceProgram.pdf (page 21, from 11/2009)
    http://submissions.miracd.com/ISSCC2010/WebAP/PDF/AP_Session5.pdf (page 2, from 11/2009)
    http://www.research.ibm.com/journal/abstracts/rd/541/franke03.html (from 2010)
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