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    > that is where I'd gotten the 2Ghz speed I'd listed earlier.

    Then why did you state that the 2 GHz version of the 88F6281 was "due for release this year" when you even knew that there's only 1.2 GHz max, opposed to the announcement?

    > I do like being complete.

    I rather call that "being behind" and "ignoring when announcements get superseded by reality" :-P

    > no denying that the access of a 1.2Ghz ARM system for $100 is quite
    > appealing, yes?

    Yes, for people who are interested in a non-superscalar, in-order ARMv5 chip :-P

    > Or a $150 for a slower system which also includes DSP and GPU?

    Do you know how much slower a 600 MHz superscalar ARMv7 CPU is compared to a 1.2 GHz non-superscalar ARMv5 CPU?
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