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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > The fastest ones I've seen in person have been Marvell's 1.2Ghz
    > dual core model (78200).

    According to the Marvell website the dual-core MV78200 maxes at 1.0 GHz. At 1.2 GHz it would rather be the single-core MV78100 or the single-core 88F6281.

    The MV78200 site clearly lists 1.2Ghz. However, then I've looked for them for sale at various vendors, I could only find the 1ghz and 800Mhz models listed as available, so we both might be right in that yes, there is an MV78200 at 1.2Ghz, but it might not be available in any significant volume at this time, nor even shipping yet.

    As for the BE/LE thing about XScale, I went and dug up the reference I was using. I'd realized I was looking at a very old reference for StrongARM from DEC, and was for a prototype unit at that, so consider that statement retracted.
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