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    > ARM doesn't support Big Endian in anything but a bullet-point
    > feature sense.

    Opposed to what you (and downix for that matter) claim, at least StrongARM and XScale are able to do true big-endian. Or what do you think the already mentioned Debian ARMeb, Debonaras, SlugOS/BE and Angstrom for IXP4xxbe are for?

    > The same is true of PowerPC processors which supposedly support
    > Little Endian operation.

    No, true little-endian is supported at least by MPC8xx/e200, e300, e500, PPC4xx, (upcoming) PPC A2 and PA6T/PWRficient.

    For e300 refer to page 23 of http://www.lauterbach.com/pdf/debugger_ppc600.pdf
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