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    I don't think the team has plans to port to ARM anytime soon.

    MorphOS on ARM would require a decent 68k emulator and llvm support to make any sense.

    ARM cpus are pretty weak compared to PPC and despiting the fact that PPC desktop market is dying I don't see ARM desktop market flourishing (I don't need to run MorphOS on my Cellphone or my clock).

    Even if switching to other cpu architecture was an easy thing and the m68k emulator was already available it would cause a lot of confussion to the users. Some kind of LLVM abstraction would be desirable before jumping to other cpu architecture.

    The number of MorphOS/amigaOS users is pretty pathethic, do you really expect developers compiling versions for each MorphOS flavour? I have seen what happened with AROS-PPC/AROS-x86_64/AROS-x86/OS4/MorphOS/OS3 and I don't see many developers creating binaries for so many architectures.

    Even if ARM sounds cool x86 machines make much more sense for desktop usage, users can get x86 based hardware easily.

    If MorphOS left PPC it would have to jump to the x86 ship. But PPC ship still floats

    I don't care if G4 Mac Minis stopped being sold 3 years ago as it's a kickass machine -in amigaos terms- that will run rings -in terms of speed- around any ARM machine for at least 3 years. It has been produced in millions of units and it's cheap. Pegasos/Efika are much more expensive compared to Mac Mini.

    The only reason we stick to PPC is because MorphOS runs on it. We would prefer that our hardware was cheaper and easily available. It's a pity MorphOS didn't run on Mac Mini when it was released but it's the most affordable machine we can get ATM. MorphOS on Mac Mini can play 1080p videos so I think it's decent ATM.
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