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    I have written this before, but I will repeat it again. What we need more than new hardware, or a switch to a different CPU/platform is more users and developers and applications in this tiny community of MorphOS users. I think the quickest route to that goal is to take advantage of as many PPC Mac models as the team can quickly get MorphOS3.x working on. Then hopefully there will be more users and more new programmers creating content and applications for MorphOS and if the team will accept new members to develop MorphOS itself, then maybe they will be able to find those extra coders to help port MorphOS to a different architecture faster. This will also make it more cost effective to sell any new hardware that may eventually get created for MorphOS as a bigger user base means more potential buyers will want to upgrade to the new hardware.

    Maybe I am wrong about the size of the MorphOS user base, but it seems to be very small to me. I am trying to learn more programming so I can contribute by helping others work on new programs, porting existing programs from other OSes, or creating new programs myself.
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