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    downix wrote:

    I have been a strong proponent for siezing control, not just of our OS, as MorphOS has done by freeing us from the Amiga, Inc foolishness, but of the rest of the system. While initially we use someone elses ARM technology, the vision should be for our own license, so if and when we have vendor issues, we go to another fab without much interruption. Take control of our product, and we take control of our market.

    This is one of the best things I've heard lately. MorphOS is already an independent product, self contained, call it what you like. Our hardware dependency is a shame, and it should be avoided.
    What should MorphOS Team do? Build a hardware team (yea, easy!). And, if that route is taken, imagine what would be easier: Building a PowerPC based computer, with all the provider problems we all know, or go the ARM route, with a much broader base of suppliers, and best of all, licencing schemes: We could even have our "own" CPU. And, as "Downix" says, if we had problems with our CPU supplier, we could switch no another one with little drama.
    Of course, the CPU is only part of the computer, but the key here is that building your own ARM based computer is indeed a possibility.
    And I like PowerPC a lot. But also realize that:

    1.- There are clever indeed chips out there that are not PowerPC.
    2.- Huge power from x86 doesn't make sense in MorphOS.
    3.- ARM has very big momentum now.
    4.- It's about time to give freescale the answer they deserve: Quit.
    5.- Control of our destiny. Also in hardware, as in software, the Team already has.

    By the way, "Downix", are you Nathaniel Downes, formerly related to Genesi? Your first words about Matt Sealey are interesting...
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