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    There is a certain cool factor with a netbook, but I really don't see a positive outcome in uprooting the small community we have in forcing a complete change in direction. It might be something to consider on a long term road map.

    If MorphOS were available and running on Mac Minis right now, I'd purchase one (and a new license) just for the speed boost. (My Peg 1 works well for most tasks, but there are occasions where I wish it were faster.)

    I think a good move (short term) would be to assemble a team of people together to promote a mac mini friendly MorphOS realease by spreading the "good word" on Mac sites and generate possible interest in the people who have not switched to faster machines. That could possibly increase our user base and also possibly increase our pool of developers. (When such a release happens.)

    If an architecture move didn't include losing what we do have for software right now it wouldn't be such a big deal. Starting from scratch with what little resources we have to rebuild it just seems like a bad idea.
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