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    downix wrote:

    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > ARM does not have any of these problems, and the only real problem
    > comes one of perception and upper scalability, only coming in
    > speeds of up to 2Ghz.

    ARM up to 2 GHz? Where? I see Marvell currently at 1.2 GHz and Qualcomm (not released yet) at 1.5 GHz.

    > considering we're limited to G3 and G4 era PPC's anyways, there is
    > no loss there.

    G4 currently scales up to 1.7 GHz (MPC7448).

    Just looking at the roadmap. The fastest ones I've seen in person have been Marvell's 1.2Ghz dual core model (78200). But, consider for a moment, the prototyping kit for the 1Ghz Marvell is $99, and think of the options from there.

    2Ghz ARMs will be shipping in the next year and a half, while G4's have stalled, same speed now as they were years ago. I just am tired of the dead ends, the bickering, the halted starts. When we are looking at the 7448, a chip now 4 years old, and that is the best we can come up with, we are in trouble.

    I understand that MOS should not be tied to a dead end CPU and please don't take what I am about to say in the wrong way or context, but one of the things I would hope the MorphOS community would try to avoid is the short life cycle that is perpetuated in the Windows world where you are expected to upgrade your computer every 1-1/2 to 2 years, or less, just because there is a faster CPU available, not because you need it to do what you normally use your computer for. With the increased efficiency of MorphOS we will always be able to do more with less computer resources, just as the Amiga did for years, and as such I would hope that our life cycle would be greater. Maybe 3 to 5 years between having to upgrade machines.

    Just a rambling thought, for what it is worth.

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