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    ironfist wrote:
    The Atom-devices are based on a Netbook-standard
    set by Intel. Via is trying to get their out.

    You could use any of the millions of x86 Netbooks
    produced each month.

    Could you please give a few examples of other uses
    than Netbook where MorphOS and ARM would fit?

    No, the ARM is not enough for high-def media players..

    The i.MX515 ARM-devices are based on a "Netbook-standard" (let's call it "reference design" instead, for that is what it is) already set by Freescale.

    Millions of ARM netbooks will be produced, I see no reason to doubt that. The 2009 holiday shopping season is the target, and I guess we will see after that, like towards spring 2010. AFAIK, the Atom netbooks doesn't compare in cost/profit margins, power consumption, etc (but obviously has the power of Windows). And one other thing, the "netbook boom" has yet to come (if it ever does, many predicted the boom to take place a year ago already, but the *boom* hasn't really happened yet).

    Other devices would be LCD/Plasma TV's (720p is, and will be, the DTV HDTV standard of importance), PVR's, STB's, handheld devices (PDA's, phones, etc), In Shop Displays, Info Kiosks, On train/in flight entertainment, or a fuckload of other consumer electronics devices where ARM is used. I mean, give me a TV with a HDD, USB, Ethernet (and optionally WiFi and Bluetooth) and *MorphOS* and I would die with excitement. Think of the possibilities compared to the locked down to a bare minimum "OS's" in these devices now. And I look at all these kind of devices and I ask - Where is the x86?
    MorphOS is Amiga done right! :-)
    MorphOS NG will be AROS done right! :-)
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