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    ZMS-05 SoC (System-On-Chip) is a dual core ARM processor from ZiiLabs.

    It features 2 ARM cores on a single chip combining it with System on Chip features (no requirements of Northbridge and (?) Southbridge bios-like chips) and has also built-in graphic system and data streaming/decoding features...

    What a Bonanza Processor!


    The latest ZMS-05 processor combines a powerful media processing array, dual ARM cores and a rich set of integrated peripheral controllers with a range of hardware platforms and advanced middleware to enable OEMs, ODMs, System Integrators and Software developers harness their ingenuity to quicky create and market a broad range of highly innovative products.

    Building on the concept of nature's stem cells that form the basic building blocks of life, at the heart of the ZMS architecture is an array of media-optimized Processing Elements (PEs) that can instantly develop into any of the specialized acceleration functions required of today's media rich devices. This approach offers almost unlimited flexibility to accelerate a media and compute intensive tasks while offering the scalability and energy efficiency to meet the needs of a broad range of products.

    Flexibile Media-Rich SoC - Software Defined Silicon acceleration
    Complete Platform Solutions - Ready-for-Market Platform Solutions and Development Kits
    Advance Middleware - A rich-suite of development tools and middleware
    Incredible Scalability - from 10 Gigaflops to Peta FLOPS
    Energy Efficient - High density processing architecture for reduced power consumption

    Could it be the core for a new (hypotetical) Efika 3? :-? 8-) :-D
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