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    Next summer my A600 will get Igors unclicensed V600, never to go beyond core 2.15
    and GOLD3 Alpha.

    As my pet project, Alongside advanced Serbian penguins, I will try to build
    MMULess m68k small distro, LXDE or lighter in GUI that could work on RTG 128MB FAST.

    Major obstancle is no ELF

    egarding the MMU less Linux kernel, although there is a flag that allows to compile one that will work without MMU; currently for the m68k architecture only ColdFire CPUs are supported, and these are not compatible with the classic Motorola ones. Anyway if the classic ones were to run in the MMUless kernel, ELF binaries wouldn't be supported and you would be restricted to run what it can be compiled as flat binary, that are very small tools. That wouldn't be fun at all.

    Any more hints? Advices? Recommendations? Everything would be silkier and smoother
    IF Vamp had m68k MMU OR built kernel for its secret PMMU.

    I tried to get to official m68k mailing list and ask for support,
    but BigGun knows people there and shunned me and said no need.

    He doesnt liked competition to ApolloOS, so for Linuxing he kicked me out of Apollo forums.

    My vision of Linux on MMULess Amigas

    Gunnars vision no need for Linux

    MMU Discussion

    GCC and 080 discussion
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