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    Been a very very long time since I last visited RC5-72 project over on Distributed.net . I got curious as to how fast computing power is now vs the way it was in 2005. To put things in perspective, a 3090 GTX card can compute what I had in CPUs in 2005 in seconds whereas it took my old computers many hours. What a 3090 GTX can do in a day would take the CPUs I had in 2005 well over 10 years to do. I am mainly concentrated on wrapping up the OGR-28 project before I look over to revisit RC5-72. Can't believe it is still going, but would be interesting to see how many years it will take with today's GPU power and in the future. Yea it doesn't pay like it does in Crypto currency, but contributing to Team MorphOS is rewarding enough for me. :)
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