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    amigadave wrote:
    Is there anyone outside of the USA that really takes Donald Trump seriously, when he says that the Democratic party is trying to steal the presidential election by voter fraud?

    Postal voting is certainly open to fraud in a number of different ways regardless of what measure are put in place to minimise it.

    The Democrat party, large sections of the media and various tech companies never really accepted Trump's 2016 victory. Did the Democrats abuse postal voting to gain an advantage? I don't know but given the way they've behaved over the past four years I certainly wouldn't say it's beyond the realms of possibility.


    It's times like these that I want to say I'm from Ireland, or Wales (both of which are true of my ancestors). I wonder if Ireland or Wales will take me back?

    I can't speak for Ireland but Wales is a depressed post industrial area and the economy crushing lock-downs will have a long lasting negative impact. If you are a retiree with plenty of disposable income or savings it may be a worthwhile move since house prices and the cost of living is fairly low compared to other parts of the UK.
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