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    Epilogue: This comment was originally a reply to that comment, but was spun off by the powers that be into its own thread, together with most of its follow-up comments.

    > AROS now boots natively on Raspberry PI: [...]

    New plans for AROS on Raspberry Pi (emphasis mine):

    "I would like to [...] push forward the native AROS version for RaspberryPi. [...] The new raspi port of AROS shall work in BigEndian mode [...]. With gcc compiler which can switch endianess on the fly and with Raspberry's CPU which is able to run in BE mode it should be feasible. [...] Once AROS will reach the state where it can boot on Raspberry in BE mode it will be time to upgrade/complete the drivers. [...] current port is not really complete, e.g. it lacks the USB support completely. [...] Imagine having a source code compatible AROS on a 32-bit big endian machine. [...] Same endianess, 32-bit... Could a seamless integration of m68k be made? I don't know now for sure, but maybe it could... [...] the first step is to bring raspberry in big endian to a state where it is working properly. Here the additional CPU cores will be up, but rather left idling. Now, regarding compatibility [of multicore-supporting AROS] with classic software [...] I came up to a conclusion, that the spinlocks do not *have* to be part of the old structures. They could just be linked to the structures they protect (think about a hash table which returns a spinlock for given message port). Therefore I would like to risk and say - at least to some degree it could be possible, as long as old software behaves nicely."

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